Pork Chops with Mushroom and Shallot Sauce

Another notch on the Pinterest board!  I'm really starting to think Pinterest is the best site ever.  Yeah.  Thinking over.  It is.

This recipe is from Gina over at Skinny Taste.  There is NOTHING skinny about the taste of this meal!!  It was delicious!!  All of her meals are excellent!!

photo courtesy of Skinny Taste

We read through the recipe and we really wanted to grill our chops because Kyle and I are not that great at pan frying things.  They tend to burn on us... LOL.  But since the sauce uses the drippings from the chops I was worried we'd lose some flavor... so we improvised!  I cut off a chunk of fat from one chop before Kyle seasoned them and cut it into cubes.

Kyle seasoned the chops with salt, pepper and Canadian steak seasoning.  He grilled them on the gas grill.

In the meantime I started the sauce.  Before I followed her directions, I warmed the skillet over med-high heat and sauteed the pork fat making sure to get it in all areas of the pan and let some stick!  Once it was completely cooked, I removed the pork fat and threw it away.  I then followed her directions as written.  Oh, and I didn't realize we were out of chicken stock so I used vegetable stock.  I was again worried the flavor may be off, but MAN - this sauce ROCKS!  It was perfect.

Kyle grilled some yellow squash with the chops and we also served it with Stove Top Turkey Stuffing.  The stuffing and the sauce went VERY well together!!!

I definitely give this recipe an A++ - it's truly amazing.  She also has the same chop recipe with a different sauce and we will FOR SURE try that one soon!!


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